Hot Tub Enclosures

On the whole, spa or hot tubs are considered to be a wonderful investment for any homeowner. They can increase property resale values far beyond the modest price attached to most upgrades.

Hot tubs can also provide a huge boost to the quality-of-life experienced by their owners. Hot tub enclosures can maximize the owner’s enjoyment of his or her spa tub while minimizing the negative impact of cold or inclement weather. The links below will connect consumers to trusted vendors of high quality hot tub enclosures. By adding a high quality enclosure to your hot tub, you will maximize your enjoyment and make it possible to enjoy your tub year-round. Many hot tub enclosures are more affordable than you might imagine. Check into the websites that follow to learn more.

Hot Tub Enclosures: By Company

The Gazebo Factory

Spa enclosures are an excellent investment to prolong the life of your hot tub and give you more use out of the tub. Some benefits of a hot tub enclosure include: privacy; aesthetics – hot tub enclosures come in virtually any size and shape, and are constructed from a variety of materials; the ability to customize (by adding decking, bay windows, plant holders, bar tables, built in benches, or a designer floor); and protection from the elements. Customers who own hot tub enclosures enjoy their spas and tubs in protected comfort. If a customer’s hot tub is outdoors, it may be less attractive to use during the cold weather months because of heating costs or because it is uncomfortably cold when the user exits the water. offers three types of hot tub enclosures for sale. Leisure Woods gazebos are available in three materials: Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, and Vinyl. At, the goal is to provide customers with the highest quality hot tub enclosures for the best prices. In business for over 25 years, they have specialized in manufacturing quality gazebos and enclosures. They manufacture their own products and provide personal attention to customers’ project needs. Begin shopping for your own hot tub enclosures now at

PDC Spa and Pool World

PDC is proud to feature Visscher Specialty spa products in its showrooms. The Vista Leisure Series – features both completely open and louvered gazebos. Enclosures range from 9' x 9' to 10' x 10' and include both tempered glass and clear cedar louvers. Each Leisure Series gazebo comes standard with a black polycarbonate roof. Visscher Specialty Products Lattice Series (hot tub enclosures and hot tub gazebos) – features diagonal lattice panels or adjustable louver panels; each lattice spa gazebo comes with a fully enclosed cedar shingle roof. Rock Series (Spa Enclosures and Spa Gazebos) – designed for the newer homes, this quality craftsman-designed pavilion creates an outstanding focal point with architectural accented corbels. Per the website, “Visscher Specialty has learned through many years of experience that western red cedar, with its natural resistance to rot and decay, is the ideal material for building enduring structures that will hold their own in even the most extreme weather conditions.” Visscher Specialty backs up first-rate products with excellent customer service. No customer will be on his or her own while assembling new spa / hot tub enclosures.  Start shopping for your dream hot tub enclosures today at their website,

Even More Hot Tub Enclosures

Northern Lights Hot Tubs

This site contains a wealth of links to other sites to help a customer take care of his or her spa tub. Topics include: finding hot tubs; hot tub accessories; taking care of a hot tub; tips for picking the right kind of deck or enclosure; covers; and parts. This site also hosts detailed instructions for making a Hot Tub Enclosure. Condensed from the website: “The easiest type of hot tub enclosure to build is a square or rectangular one. Be sure to start with pressure treated wood for the skeleton structure that will comprise the weight-bearing inner portion. 4 4X4's and 8-10 2X4's should be sufficient for the new enclosure's central structure. Use 4X4's to create the corners of the box, and then use the 2X4's to provide support along the sides. Make sure that the enclosure has a thick wooden bottom. The final step is to ask your buddies to help place the tub into its new enclosure.” Browse for items to build hot tub enclosures, or learn more about hot tub care at

MyBath Modern Bathrooms

At, hot tub enclosures can be searched for by three criteria: enclosure dimensions (length/depth/height), price range, and categories (best sellers, prices low-high or high-low). Enclosures allow for tub owners to protect themselves from the elements and extend the soaking season without regard to the weather or other environmental concerns. Currently, there are nine models for sale at this website, with a wide range of prices. Check the product specs, and then place your orders here:

More Popular Hot Tub Enclosures

Summerwood Products

Searching for the very best hot tub enclosure that you can build yourself? Begin your search for hot tub enclosures here today: Summerwood Products has devoted a large segment of its website to instructions for assembly of its Summerwood Spa Enclosures. The guide gives approximate assembly times, tools needed for assembly, and ways in which Summerwood can assist consumers in building their products apart from instruction guides and contact information for Customer Support. For assembly tips, visit

This website is a home for do-it-yourself home improvement kits. Hot tub enclosures can be created from a number of the DIY kits for sale on this site. Models available are: The Urban, Carrousel, The Balnea, and Evasion. All of these enclosures are designed to stand year-round, and will provide protection from the elements while still allowing tub users to enjoy the outdoors. The Carrousel and Evasion enclosure styles come in two sizes each, to accommodate different shaped tubs, or tubs of varying size. gives customers a 5% discount on orders paid for with a Cashier’s check. Visit the website for complete details and place your order for hot tub enclosures today, at