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    On the whole, spa or hot tubs are considered to be a wonderful investment for any homeowner. They can increase property resale values far beyond the modest price attached to most upgrades. Full Story »

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    Installing a hot tub enclosure

    Whether you have an existing hot tub that you are considering covering or you are looking to put in a new hot tub and enclosure at the same time, you have several options from which to choose. From design, material and construction, there are many ways that you can make personalize your hot tub enclosure and space. Many people, however, find that they do not use their hot tub as often as they would like. This is often due to the weather. Some summer days are simply too hot and rainy or snowy winter nights are not always conducive to use either. In these situations, a hot tub gazebo or enclosure can make a world of difference, making your hot tub truly usable in all conditions.

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Having a hot tub in your back yard can be a fabulous addition to your living space. It can provide a nice way to wind down at the end of a long day, create an intimate or romantic setting for times with a special someone or be a hub of fun for your backyard parties.    Full Story »